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#1 Best Selling Multi-Award-Winning Author and Multi-Published non-fiction writer.  Twylia Reid is a native of Mississippi who currently resides in Georgia. She studied and obtained a B.S. Degree in Business Administration at Trident University International while continuing to work as a HR Manager in the US Army where she’s a 20-year retiree.  Her work has appeared in numerous publications, in print, and online. A minister, speaker, entrepreneur, brain injury advocate and caregiver, she's the Founder/CEO of Broken Wings, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to assist brain injury survivors and their families, and the Founder/CEO of When Heaven Speaks, LLC. She’s also the founder of Broken Wings Brain Injury Empowerment Group, and Executive Producer/Host of the Conquerors Café on Blog Talk Radio. Her mantra is “Aspiring to Inspire Others!”  Listen to her interview here:


Juliet Nichole Jones, is a Certified Life Coach, Author, Business Consultant, and Motivational Speaker.  A thought provoking leader, and story teller she possesses the ability to connect with and inspire her audience to take charge of their lives and their business and believe they are very important with a dream, calling, and purpose. She travels the world empowering others to realize their worth and potentials they didn’t know existed or ever dreamed they could reach! She imparts wisdom through topics like: perseverance, goal setting, positive thinking and challenges for change.  Partnered with the PA women’s conferences, PA business journal award recipient, and NAACP member, J. Nichole strives to make a difference in the community she lives in and serves.

She believes that……Success is what YOU make it! And, her favorite saying is “you don’t have to be Great to get started, but you have to get started to be Great”!   Listen to her interview here:


Brandi Benson is an American Speaker, Author, and Founder of the Premier Employment Service Company, Resume-Advantage. A former US Army Soldier who is now the author of the acclaimed book, “The Enemy Inside Me”, and has been featured on radio, television, magazines and international media platforms including ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox, New York Journal, and more.  She holds a BA from Ashford University in Journalism and Mass Communications, and an MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in Writing.   Her book, The Enemy Inside Me – A Young Soldier’s Unexpected Battle With Cancer is a true story of hope and healing.  This memoir is a moving, yet true account of a young Soldier’s fight with cancer that begins miles away from enemy lines.  In this tear jerking story she shares her journey of her Ewing Sarcoma diagnosis during her deployment to Iraq in 2008. Listen to her interview here:  


Carol is the founder and CEO of Married 4 Life Coach, LLC and a certified (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Facilitator with Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott. She established Married 4 Life Coach to help couples stay happily married for life.  She holds an associate degree from the City University of New York, and a bachelors, masters, and specialist degree from Oral Roberts University.  She was married to her husband on October 16, 1999 and they have 5 beautiful children.  Her faith was put to the test when they became separated in 2005. Believing God hates divorce, she began standing for the healing and restoration of her marriage and has done so ever since. She is determined to follow her dream and vision to be an influencer in driving the overall divorce rate down, and eventually ending it for couples all over the world.  Listen to her interview here:


Dr. Corey Hicks is a speaker, coach, author, and a 20+ year pharmaceutical professional. His book, “Vision of Inspiration”, contains 60 days of inspirations to help spur your vision and motivate you to take action.  He believes when it comes to your own potential for greatness vision plays a substantial role because it illustrates the significance of the power you possess to see the potential within yourself.  As a former All-American and Olympic Hopeful decathlon athlete turned biotech executive, with over 22 years as a successful motivational speaker, Dr. Hicks has inspired thousands, nationally and internationally.  Dr. Hicks provides a range of coaching services, from athletic to life coaching for Olympic athletes, business professionals, and students. Dr. Hicks holds a BA in Education from Kentucky State University, a Masters in Health Science from Concordia University, Irvine California, and a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance from Concordia University Chicago, River Forest.  He is also a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated and the Founder and CEO of the Three V’s LLC.  Listen to his interview:


Jacqueline Levy has been married for 28 years and has raised two grown children.  She was a paraprofessional in the school system for 14 years where she worked with severe and profound kids. She also studied early childhood development at her local university and currently works as a CASA worker.  Her book “90 Days of Affirmations and Prayers” For a Mother with a Special Needs Child reminds you to remain positive in any adversity you may be dealing with in your life.   Each day consists of a positive reminder to help deal with the challenges faced by parents with special needs children to help them shift their focus and reprogram their thinking.  Author Levy truly believes that a good attitude will work for you, and a bad attitude will usually work against you!  Her message to parents is for them to remember to: think, repeat, and believe positive affirmations.  She says in doing so this will always lighten your heavy load.   Listen to her interview here:


Jacqueline Goodwin is an ordain pastor who’s ministry focus is deliverance and healing. She has a passion and heart for the youth which has led her to various positions within the ministry.  She serves as a Youth Director, a mentor, and Sunday School teacher within her local church. A former paralegal, educator, and substance abuse counselor she used her gift of empowerment to transform lives.  She has earned a Master of Arts in Practical Theology, Master of Counseling, Master of Pastoral Counseling, and an Associate Degree of Paralegal graduating “Magna Cum Laude” from South University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Francis Marion University.  She currently resides in South Carolina.  Listen to her interview here: 


Mylon Flournoy is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivor who resides in Savannah, GA with his mother, Twylia G. Reid, award-winning author and Founder/CEO of Broken Wings, Inc.  He is the inspiration behind the book "Broken Wings" as well as a real life walking miracle.  A true survivor of hope and healing, he has touched the lives of thousands of people around the world with his testimony of perseverance and strength.  His infectious smile and warm heart touches everyone he comes in contact with. His life has become the blue print to show other brain injury survivors they too can create the life they desire in spite of the challenges that accompany brain injury.  Listen to his interview here:  


Dr. Shanta L. Chester is a licensed minister, life coach, and the wife of Senior Pastor  Elder Alan L. Chester. She utilizes her gifts of teaching, coaching, and training to provide highly effective leadership training.  She is also a certified educator and instructional designer. Alongside her husband, she is also the co-founder of Wee Wonder Academy. There she serves as director and program administrator.  Dr. Chester has published 6 books and 9 articles as an independent author. She also serves as the contributing author for Faith-Filled Family Magazine.  

Listen to her interview:


The Rev. Mary F. Copeland, is director of Ministries For Christ, and Just For Your Spirit Publication in Washington, DC (  Her passion, providing “Encouragement for the Journey to Something More”, serves individuals seeking to Strengthen and Brighten their Spiritual Life.  A Spiritual Director for thirty years, she uses a blend of Education, Employment and Experience in her work with diverse, multi-cultural, inter-generational, and differently capable individuals.  She is a writer of numerous books benefiting Personal, Spiritual and Professional progress including Inspired By LOVE of the Gratitude For Growing In Grace series published in 2017.  Listen to her interview:


Minister Bridget P. Robinson is an accomplished writer, health communicator and educator.  She is the critically acclaimed author of “My Eyes Dare to Believe”, and a “Single Woman’s Guide To Protecting and Defending Her Celibacy in God”.  She has a strong background and experience in community outreach and Christian Education. She uses her knowledge gained from her pursuit of higher education and Christian Leadership to empower others to break the chains of abuse by serving men and women who are at the crossroads of life.Her opportunities to travel abroad have equipped her with cultural competency to minister globally for the Kingdom of God.  Listen to her interview:


Okey K. Enyia is Founder & CEO of Enyia Strategies, LLC – a health policy consulting firm that provides advising, research support, policy analysis, project management, and legislative strategy for individuals seeking measurable ways to influence policy on issues related to health equity, health disparities, and social determinants of health.   Listen to his interview:


Guy Lodge, is a devoted father who home-schools his daughters. He found out what a valedictorian was at his graduation rehearsal when the principal said, “Let me introduce you all to your valedictorian and your salutatorian.”  That experience made him recognize the importance of being made aware of this honor as early as possible. “You can’t strive for something, if you don’t know it exists” He often says.  Therefore, he was moved to create this book to ensure that not only will readers strive to be a VALEDICTORIAN, but more importantly, they will adopt the VALEDICTORIAN frame of mind; and that simply means always trying their very best, at everything that they do.”  Additionally, witnessing the tremendous benefit his daughters experienced from early literacy, gave him a strong desire to share that information with other parents and that led to him launching the literacy organization, Learn 2 Read - Read 2 Learn LLC.  A strategic effort to positively affect the development of as many children as possible. Listen to his interview here:


Min. Rhonda K. Smith is a native of Vicksburg, Mississippi.  She attended Jackson State University on a full academic scholarship, graduating Magna cum Laude along with other distinctions; and earning a bachelor’s degree in mass communications with a concentration in public relations, and a minor in marketing in 1988. That same year, she became a founding member of the award-winning, internationally acclaimed Mississippi Mass Choir.  She accepted her call into the ministry in 2005 at the New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Church. She has since earned a master’s degree in theology and a Masters of Divinity in professional ministries from Liberty University based in Lynchburg, Virginia. She is an evangelist and a teacher and her Ministry Objective is to use her ministry and professional experiences to serve in ways that focus on evangelism and community service to the least among us that is based in Christian education that supports the development of Christian disciples.  She is now the author of the book, Comfort in the Scriptures: An Introductory Guide to Personal Bible Study and the Development of Discernment. Learn more @  Listen to her interview here:


Tonya B. Ratliff is a prophet, author, entrepreneur, retired educator, purpose coach, spiritual mentor, and life strategist. She is a native of Bogalusa, La. She resides in Hammond, La with her husband Allan and son Nicholas. She has been given a mandate by God to reach hurting women through prayer, ministering the Word of God, writing daily inspirations, and mentoring.  Her greatest fulfillment in life comes through helping young women tap into their God-given destiny and purpose. Anointed by God for such a times as this Tonya is the founder of W.A.M. (Women Advancing in Ministry) which meets bi-weekly in her hometown to train and equip women leaders in ministry.  Listen to her interview here:  


Petrina Wallace is a parenting coach, motivational speaker, bestselling author, and educator who is on a mission to inspire single parent families to rise above their struggles and achieve success.  She was once a single mother; unable to sustain her family financially, almost committed suicide, and watched her kids on the receiving end of rejection. Over the years, she has implemented a mélange of strategies that have helped to improve the lives of single parent families - paving the way for well-behaved and academically successful kids as well as thriving parents!  Petrina believes that single parent families, once equipped with the right strategies can override societal stereotypes and achieve the ultimate success.   Listen to her interview here:  


Rynette Upson is the founder and CEO of Next Level Lifestyles International which brands and Next Level Education Consulting. Her passion and adoration for helping people has moved her to chase her life’s calling to motivate, educate and empower people to find their purpose and reach their personal and professional best. Rynette has helped hundreds of youth and women find their purpose and calling through her gifts of motivation and empowerment.  In 2013 she took a huge leap of faith and left her secure career to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She opened a Preschool and Academy of Learning with her sister. Within a year of opening the school was a million-dollar business and an accredited learning institution with a stellar reputation.  This power house speaker is also an empowerment and motivational coach and seminar facilitator. She co-authored the fictional book "Teacher of the Year” and is the author of the “Spark Your Life Spark Your Vision Journal.” Rynette currently owns 3 successful entrepreneurial ventures and resides in Orlando, Florida.   Listen to her interview here: 


Nicole is a wife, mother, attorney, international speaker, author and executive leadership coach.  She’s the Owner of Strategies For Success, LLC, an organization which provides coaching to high achieving women.  She speaks on topics related to empowering women to Show Up, Speak Up and Stand Out in their lives personally and professionally.  A Diversity Expert and trailblazer serving as the first and only African American female to serve in her position in the organization in which she is currently employed, she continues to push herself to higher standards.   She has served in various leadership capacities and has received numerous awards.

Listen to her interview here:


Although she considers Philadelphia her home….Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, LaVonne A. Weaver is an educator, writer, and artist. She has over 20 years of experience in education plus 15 years in retail and customer service.  Her passion for art and fashion led her first to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (currently Philadelphia University). Later, destiny shifted and LaVonne enrolled at St. Joseph's University where she earned multiple Masters’ Degrees in Elementary Education, Education Leadership, and Curriculum & Instruction. She is also a certified Program Specialist in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).  LaVonne is the creative energy behind Liv Vibrantly. A soulful community where women can find art, tools, and workshops that will empower, inspire, and support them in reconnecting with their authentic selves and others.  Listen to her interview here:


Co-Authors: Arvinese Reid, Carla McCrary, Tawanda Holmes, Michelle Baylor, Jackie Easley, and Linda Caldwell 

Discuss their new book “Born Again Daughters of Zion” Transformational Stories of Revelation, Resilience, and Recovery.  Forced to face past hurt and pain they open up and share their journeys to encourage others to persevere and push forward.  Join them as they share their testimonies as authors and entrepreneurs, as well as their life experiences, road blocks, detours, and milestones!  You will learn what life in ministry is like for them as they carry out the vision walking in the calling to be Born Again Daughters of Zion!  Listen to their interview here:


Pastor Paul L. Taylor, Jr. is a minister of the gospel and has been pastoring for over 20 years. He is a devoted servant, husband, son and brother. He has served the city of Savannah in various capacities to include drug rehabilitation counseling, marriage ministry and mentoring as well as outreach and leadership consulting.  Pastor Paul is the author of “The Journey: Coming out of the Fog” 30 Day Journey and Meditation Devotional. He is the devoted husband to the love of his life, Lesley, and is also the Pastor of Real Life Christian Fellowship Church.  Pastor Paul’s mantra is simple: A true appreciation for the grace of God in his life.  Listen to his interview here:


Ms. Manasseh Willis currently resides in the DFW area. She is the daughter of Pastor H B Patrick and the late Rev William E Patrick who were co-pastors for many years in East Texas.  A graduate from Athens High School she completed her college education at the University of Texas at Tyler in 1995 with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance.  She is currently an aspiring author, encourager, speaker, motivator, and spiritual adviser to those looking for sound wisdom and Bible based answers  . She brings hope to a hopeless world with her message of reconciliation and freedom through Jesus  Christ.  Being an avid lover of the word and worship, God has brought her from Pitiful to Purposeful as she has allowed it to transform her life and subsequently turn her wounds into wisdom.  Listen to her interview  here:


Tyra E. Rowell is a mother, wife, and an innovative woman operating in her gifts of writing, teaching, and counseling.

She released her first Christian Fiction novel, “Anything She Says”, on March 14, 2018.  She has also written a non-fiction book, “Unapologetically Being Me”.    It has always been Tyra’s dream to be a novelist from the time she graduated high school.  It took many years for her to see this dream to fruition, but Tyra believes everything is on God’s timing.  She has currently opened her own private "biblical-based" counseling business called Issues of Life Ministry in Starkville, MS.  Issues of Life Ministry is a place of counsel which ministers to the whole person: spirit, soul, and body.  She is also writing the sequel to her first novel which will be released in August of 2018.   Listen to her interview  here:


Charlet Lewis, affectionately referred to as "Lady Charlet," is the wife of Tony Lewis, Senior Pastor of Light of Life Church.  She is a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel, a Motivational Speaker, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, and a published author. Her own journey through grief recovery after the loss of her mother has allowed her the compassion to guide anyone struggling with loss towards their own healing and recovery.  Her passion is to help women discover their God-given potential and purpose bu using creative illustrations a nd concepts from her own life to inspire, encourage, advocate and teach. Her teachings inspire and challenge women to develop a strong relationship with God and to strive toward emotional and spiritual health.  She takes ministry leading and a servant-hood  of the kingdom very seriously, yet always with a sprinkle of humor and fun.  Listen to her interview  here:


Co-Pastor Elisha Boyd is the proud wife of Senior Pastor Daniel Boyd and together they serve as the Shepherds of Emmanuel Christian Church, located in Richmond Hill, GA.  She received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Columbia College in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources and recently earned a Masters of Arts in Human Services Counseling with a concentration in Military Resiliency from Liberty University. She is a certified Professional Life Coach, empowering women to take back their lives after being exposed to sexual trauma and living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She founded Kingdom Women, a Non-profit Organization birthed to unite pastors’ wives and women for the common goal of advancing God’s Kingdom.  Listen to her interview here:


Brenda Sawyer was born and raised in New York City and currently resides in Philadelphia. She has a strong spiritual foundation and acknowledges that God is the head and strength of her life and without Him she could do nothing. She's the Founder and Director of GIRLS WALKING WITH INTEGRITY EMPOWERING FOR DESTINY (GWWI), a Christian mentoring program for young ladies between the ages of eight and eighteen.  Empowering young ladies to become all that God has called them to be, through prayer, Bible study, community service and various outreach ministries is her calling.   Becoming inspired by GIRLS WALKING WITH INTEGRITY EMPOWERING FOR DESTINY (GWWI), Ms. Sawyer wrote and published her first book, Encouraging Words For The Mind, Spirit And Soul,  which is a book of devotions which will not only uplift your spirits, but will also inspire and encourage your daily walk with Christ to give you His peace that passes all understanding.   Listen to her interview here:


Iantha Ussin (Ms. I.) is a New Orleans native who resides in Augusta, GA where she is a full -time middle school educator and part-time editor. She is the founder and director of Praise Movement School of Dance, Inc., whose mission is to use various forms of dance, drama and biblical study to teach girls, ages 5-16, the word of God and train them in using dance, drama and God's word to teach and encourage others. (  She's known for using her stories to teach girls everywhere she goes...through DANCE!  Listen to her interview here:


Founder of I am Still a Rose, LLC (IASAR), she has a passion to help those who want to be helped. It took her awhile to realize that she had to make a change in her life in order to get the change she was looking for. After betrayal, emotional abuse, and other turmoil, she had to learn to forgive and move beyond her pain. Her commitment is to help inspire and empower those who want to start a new chapter.  She has written: The Little Girl Inside Owning My Role in My Own Pain and the soon to be released sequel, I am Still a Rose. She also wrote a short story titled Prayer Works in the new book, Sharing My Prayers as a co-author. Listen to Part 1 of her interview here:  Listen to Part 2 of her interview here:

Kelli Stonework is the Founder of KYS Solutions, a communication skills training company specializing in helping business professionals develop effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills. She is a Certified SpeakersTrainingCamp® Instructor, Women Speakers Association Premier Member and a member of Toastmasters International.   She is known for helping people dramatically improve their public speaking skills while building their confidence and self-esteem. She uses a proven step-by-step approach to help individuals manage their anxiety of public speaking. Listen to her interview here:


Tyria D. Jones currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband Kenneith and youngest daughter Kiara. Her life is filled with overflowing joy, but it hasn’t always been so happy. She struggled most of her life trying to find out who God created her to be. What was her purpose in life? What made her special in God’s eyes? It wasn’t until she started looking at herself the way God does that she realized she had a story to share. She realized her purpose was in that story. Tyria has always had a ministry for women and served in various leadership roles over the past ten years; however, it is through the pain she overcame in her own life that God has allowed her to write A Crown of Beauty for Ashes.  Listen to her interview here:


Robyn Franceen Evans is an author, speaker and vocalist. She grew up between Baltimore, Maryland and York, Pennsylvania. The daughter of a pastor (the late Dr. Nathaniel Johnson), and an administrative assistant (Lillie Johnson), Robyn was always surrounded by sermons and letters. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Mass Communications from Towson University in 1999. 

In 2012, she published her first book in 2015. Her latest book, One Hope at a Time: The Prisoner of Hope Letters, Book Two is the second book in the Hope trilogy. This book series started out as a weekly exercise in self-encouragement. Robyn is determined to use her writing to open eyes to spiritual truths and win hearts to Jesus.   Listen to her interview here:


Wanda L. Scott is an accomplished Author with multiple books. Her desire is to tell stories of what is possible when we search deep within to be GREATER! She models how to maximize laughter and love, valuing each person we are in relationship with. As you listen to Wanda speak, you can hear her heart for people as she uses the real-ness of life, a splash of laughter and a huge dose of hope to reach you where you are. This seasoned educator will creatively weave together knowledge to energize and challenge her audience. Whether Wanda is at a conference speaking to thousands, teaching bible study, Wanda loves as she leads. Now Wanda travels, empowering, educating and encouraging others with practical experience on how to communicate, lead, transition and redefine YOU.   Listen to her interview here:


Tymetric Dillon is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  After he & his wife married in June 2003, he decided to leave a successful entrepreneurial career, friends, and family to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee.  While in the Nashville area Tymetric received extensive training in ministry and entrepreneurship .  He was licensed and ordained for ministry and opened a very successful business. While on his journey, he discovered his purpose which led him to relocate his family to Gadsden, Alabama in April 2013 to fulfill it.  He and his wife, Tanisha, are the proud parents of three children: Trinity, Taniyah, and Ty, Jr.  Tymetric is a man of vision, integrity and character that lives the principles of God’s word.  His mission is to liberate and build people by communicating a relevant message of faith and freedom that helps people to live their best life.  His connection to people and commitment to principles has given him profound insights that he is able to translate into practical steps toward success.  Listen to her interview here:


A native from Fort Worth, Texas, Mica moved to Houston in her teens where she began writing. Somehow at some point she lost the passion until recent years. She attended the HBU, Texas Southern University immediately after graduating from high school. After putting education on hold to raise her son and have a family, she decided to return to the classroom. Receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management, she took eight months off to pursue a Masters in Criminal Justice Administration making her a twice alumni from the University of Phoenix. After the long nights of reading and writing papers, she rediscovered the passion for writing poetry. After relocating to Austin, Texas, she allowed her writing to flourish as she wrote in her journal daily and with friends and family support she decided to publish her works. Mica is currently working on two new books which are short stories based on life experiences. Listen to her interview here:


Shaneen Harvey is a Christian faith inspirational author and a fulltime fraud investigator based in Austin, Texas. She is married to Dr. Christopher Harvey, and together they have three beautiful girls. Shaneen is a vibrant young woman whose journey to Jesus led her to a new hope and a life of service to the Lord. She serves on multiple ministries (expressive mime and praise team) at Turning Point Bible Fellowship where Carl Harvey Sr, is the senior pastor. Shaneen also serves beside her husband as co-facilitator of Keep the Covenant marriage enrichment ministries. The number one thing that Shaneen strives for is restore hope into this world. Listen to her interview here:


Found Inside of Faith, Aundrea T Harris, is her strong will to allow herself to grow through life’s process. It’s no question as to where her strength derives. Aundrea’s roots are heavily planted in her relationship with God. Taking each day as it is given to her, Aundrea proclaims, today is the day that I live, not yesterday not tomorrow – TODAY!   As a Growth Agent, Aundrea is an author, consultant, coach, counselor, mentor, speaker, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Aundrea has authored: Seasons of Life: Changed in the Process (Volume 1), Growing Through Life: 28 Days of Growth Tools, and Seasons of Life: There is a Purpose (Volume 2). She is currently working on a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with Leadership Development & Coaching as specialization. She is a devoted supporter of Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU). She is an advocate for Thyroid Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors.  Listen to her interview here:


LaDonna Marie is an International Multi -Award winning Bestselling Author, Writer, Poet, and Motivational Speaker. She published her first poem in Anthology: Whispers with The League of American Poets in 2007. In 2010 she self published her first book Expressions of the Mind, Body & Soul.  She was inducted Who's Who in Black Mississippi in 2012. She featured in the International Sibella Poetry Magazine for the entire year of 2014.  She was a 2015 Finalist for National Indie Excellence Awards, received Honorable Mention in New York Book Festival, Red city book awards Finalist and Bronze Medal Readers' Favorite Winner.  LaDonna Marie received her B.A., in Social Work from Alcorn State University in 2005. She earned a M.S., in Counseling Studies from Capella University; and a M.A., from South University in Professional Counseling, respectively. She lives in Mississippi,  born and raised  with her two wonderful children Landon and Lathan Cook. Listen to her interview here:


Naomi Havens is a 17 year breast cancer survivor who chose NOT to have chemo or radiation, even when the doctors told her that she would be dead within 5 years without their treatments.  She is

•God’s co-founder for a brand new non-profit, Victory Haven – Alternative Cancer Support Assistance Group

• A published author with her very first book, her autobiography, Stealth Journey – An uncommon fight against cancer, fear, tradition, and pharmaceuticals.

• Area director for a not-for-profit organization, Books to the Rescue for Coastal Georgia. Naomi is an Air Force brat, as well as a retired Army / Air Force spouse who enjoys volunteering for the local  USO, as well as her local Chamber of Commerce and other local community organizations. She and her husband, Tim Havens, have been married for 36 years.  Listen to her interview here:


Valawaugn Blackmon McCain is by the grace of God a twenty-two year Astrocytoma Brain Tumor Cancer survivor and a mother of three.  She has urgency in heart to tell people diagnosed with incurable diseases to FIGHT FOR THEIR LIFE!  Valawaugn is a graduate of Fayetteville State University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Social work, and is now attending Liberty University to obtain her Masters in Teaching and Learning Early Childhood education.  Listen to her interview here:


Alandria Lloyd is a Change Agent Ambassador, mentor, and minister. She is a self-published author who assists aspiring authors to publish non-fictional stories. Alandria is the founder of Change AGENT Outreach Ministries and A’Maya’s Army non-profit organization, which serves grieving mothers who have experienced the loss of a child.  Alandria resides in Hammond, La with her teenage son. She lives life on purpose and has made it her mission to encourage everyone she meets!  Listen to her interview here: